Social Media on Relationships: Deal-breaker or Not?


A relationship is built on trust. If you want your emotional connection with your partner to last, you have to accept each other as a whole package – the good and the bad. It is basically the golden rule to survive the humor of this generation.

One of the most influential things today is social media. It gives rapport to people you already know and strangers that you want to know better. And, interestingly enough, it can be a major deal-breaker for those who are in a romantic relationship.

Why? First of all, social networks such as Facebook have strict privacy implementation. Unless you are a professional hacker, you can’t get into anyone’s account without knowing their email address or mobile number and password. People can do anything they want without the public knowing.

Second, when you register for an account, you are making yourself visible to the public. People can access your profile. That’s the whole point of all these online social pages. You keep up with your buddies and make new friends.

So here’s the glitch. When you are in a relationship, you try hard to become an entity. And sometimes you forget that a healthy relationship means giving value to your partner’s privacy. You think that now that you’re a couple, you have to share everything and know everything about each other. What better way to do that than having each other’s social media accounts, right?

Most of those who aren’t bothered about social media affecting their personal relationship are people who are not actively using their accounts. But for those who do, this kind of matter raises questions regarding trust issues.

‘How would you feel if your girlfriend starts to ask for your user account on Facebook? Do you think she’s asking too much? Doesn’t she trust you enough to let you do your own thing online? Is it fine with you if she keeps tabs on who you’re friends with, whom you’re chatting to, and everything that you are able to do given Facebook’s features?’


‘Why won’t he give you his user account details? Is he hiding something from you? Is he planning to hide something from you? Doesn’t he trust you enough to be exposed and be a part of his past, present, and future aspirations? Does he consider you as a temporary person in his life? How can you trust him when he doesn’t let you?’

Exactly. These are concerns that are not often voiced out. As good as it sounds; connecting people around the world; social media has led people to discover a new set of insecurities

So what do you think, does social media really impact a relationship?



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