I Am A Parent Too


Why are you so quick to judge?

Yes, I am an unwed mother. And yes, I know that I am too young to be a parent. But does that make me less of a person? Does that define who I was, who I am, and who I will be? I think not.

I know that your interest in my life is purely sincere and I respect that. But do you respect mine too?

You push me to do big things. And if I cannot deliver to your expectations you criticize me all over again. Nothing I do will ever be good enough for you.

You bluntly tell me I am a burden to my parents. Do you know how stupid you sound to me? Nothing you say is new to my knowledge. I know because I feel that even before I bore my children into this world; besides you made sure that I never forget.

You always complain about how immature and irresponsible I am, about not doing enough for my children. You tell me that I have a lousy job. It’s true. Freelance writing doesn’t guarantee a thousand dollars in a matter of months or even a whole year. But it’s still work and a decent one too. It won’t take us to Disneyland or to the Enchanted Kingdom; heck if it can pay for a short vacation in Cebu. But it enables me to buy food and clothes for my kids, plus I get to watch them grow.

Many orphans would give anything just to be recognized by their real parents. Children of overseas workers would hope to get their parents coming to every school show they join instead of having new gadgets. And if you say that you’d rather have the luxurious life, then you know nothing because you have everything; otherwise you’re just some kid with parent issues.

Me being a mom is not a cliche’ to every teen who got pregnant. So don’t talk to me like I don’t care, because I do. I struggle to stay awake at night just so I can do my job. I brainstorm daily to get my works published and paid. I may not be the best mom; I’m not even sure if I qualify as a good mom, but I am a mother. I chose parenthood and I know that it counts for something.




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