2016 Election: Between the People and the Government

I am not really an avid fan of politics. I would occasionally give my opinion about a trending political event and that’s it. When I was in college, to be honest, it kind of annoyed me to hear rallies about inequality and how stupid the present regime was.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against activists. It’s just that their rants went on for hours outside dormitories and it was really hard to focus on my notes. For me, school was solely for learning. But I did not complain because I was not in their shoes and I was not entitled to. It was simple really, I shut my mouth because I did not fully understand and feel what they were fighting for.

A year had passed after graduating from The University. Now, I see why people were angry. I am witnessing how filthy politics really is, especially with the upcoming 2016 elections.

Social networks are always up to date with everything. Most times, you won’t know the truth from lies. Everybody is just talking about something and somehow, they manage to convince themselves that theirs; opinions and principles; are real. This is why I don’t trust the internet; though I regularly browse to find out what’s taking the people’s interest.

So let’s get back to politics.

Have you seen advertisements about the candidates? They’re either hilarious or embarrassing. I have never seen so much stupidity going on in a person’s mind. Obviously some candidates, especially that of presidency, are stooping down to the lowest of grounds just to get noticed.

I mean, why would someone enact a poor Filipino’s daily routine by eating in a mug? Or giving away things that have their faces on them?And those are just a few of the many infuriating examples you see online.

You can basically group candidates in two – those that are taken seriously and those that are called fools. The former  group is actually giving a good show. They’re the ones that are actually doing something to make a change and not just spending time getting their 6 year plan ready.

Voting for ‘leaders to be’ is not difficult. What’s complicated is the fact that we always have something to complain about. Everyone wants quickly established improvement that they can actually see and feel. Everyone claims to want this and that for the betterment of the country but no one really wants to wait and participate. This is one of the reasons why I sometimes lock myself in the room with no access to technology.

It is true that people have the right to say their thoughts and complain. But does that really change anything? The poor remains poor partly because they lack the opportunity, yes. But that is just a part of the whole truth. Some remain in dumps and eat not more than twice a day because they do not act on it.

(Then you would tell me I know nothing because I am not the one slumped on the ground having nothing for dinner. For your information, I’m not rich but I can afford decent meals because I crawled my way out the mindset of things being impossible. And so can you!)

It will always be a big challenge to find a work that would pay you enough to move on with life. But it is not rocket science. People just have to explore their own capabilities and push themselves beyond their limits. And lastly, choose leaders that can present something useful.

Let’s all open our eyes and learn the history of our government; probably not in Facebook. May the omnipotent power enlighten us all this coming elections. Kudos!



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